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Thursday, March 17, 2005
Oh for F$#%$s sake!!! Talk about being your total duuuuuuuufus!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!! So, after writing my earlier post, the part about the length of the wrap etc. it suddenly occurred to me that I didn't know what the WIDTH of the garment is supposed to be... I DIDN'T CHECK IT!! I DIDN'T BLA#%Y CHECK IT!!! And guess what??? it is WRONG, WRONG WRONG!!! It is WAY WAY off!! It measures 12.5" when it is supposed to be 18"!! Even with me stretching and pulling it, the absolute MAX it would go is 16".

Oh why WHY WHY didn't I check the width?? I was so excited about getting the pattern right I forgot about everything else!!! Oh all your DUMB, STUPID, IDOITIC mistakes!! I did think it was a little narrow. As I didn't have 5mm needles, I used my 4.5 ones... why WHY WHY???!!!!

Grrrrrrr..... am off to frog now *sigh*. All that work down the drain :o(
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  • Hi Jackie,

    A new lesson for you then, so the next time, just remember to check your gauge.

    Cheer Up.

    By Blogger Doreen, at 2:47 pm  
  • With lace, I always up the needle size by 1 or 2. That way, the YOs have better definition. Otherwise, it won't be as nice if it's too tight and puckered. Since it's a wrap, the gauge may not be as important but if you want it to replicate the pattern, you will probably have to add a few more chart repeats when the yarn used is finer. Having said that, from what I can see, you have done a lovely job so far! Openwork does come easier after a few repetitions and after a while, you'll be able to figure out where to do all the stitches without the chart. Don't worry, girl! Live and learn :)

    By Blogger knitties, at 4:11 pm  
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