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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
I am so technically backward it is EMBARRASSING!! What am I talking about? Well, I am a trained IT geek and I used to look down at HTML editors, preferring instead to write the code myself, from scratch mind you. All those editors out there... pish posh... no way I said. Well, it was a pride thing too. True IT chip heads don't use editors... we code from scratch. No, we don't use those online Tripod -type editors, we don't use those ever-so-simple file upload features etc. We code in Notepad (or Dreamweaver) and we FTP our files across.

So, until recently i.e. 2 hours ago, I decided to create an online knitting blog. Why? Well, I recently joined a local knitting club The Kuala Lumpur Knitting Meetup Group where EVERYONE has a knitting blog of some sorts... so I thought, why not? I do have another personal website but nothing that is knitting specific.

So, in I go to Blogger, create my own account etc. It is THEN that I find out how advanced web publishing has become. How idiotic is that? My thesis was entitled "Authoring For The World Wide Web" and back then (in the mid 90s), the editors were HORRENDOUS and I concluded that it was heaps easier to hard code web pages. Oh sure, there are limitations to the features that these blogging thingy has but it is EASY to create a nifty blog. Sure, there are limitations i.e. I have to tweak the code a little to create the *a-hem* effect that I want but this is EASY! They even have a spell checker thingamajig here. Then, then, then, they have this feature where you can update your site via email... how cool is that? Am TOTALLY impressed!!

So here it is, my knitting blog...

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