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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
You know, just once, JUST ONCE I'd like to finish a project without having to rip it apart before I am done. Yes, I ripped apart my Kiri Shawl yesterday and believe you me, it was painful. Why did I rip it apart? *sigh* Well, I was curious yesterday and I wanted to figure out exactly how many stitches would be on the needles per repeat etc. So, I created an Excel spreadsheet and did some simple math. I worked out that on the 15th repeat, I should have 391 stitches on my needles. When I say 15th repeat, it could be the 14th actually as I am not sure how one counts repeats *mental note* I will have to ask the gals about this during out next meeting.

So, there I was, all ready to start my 9th repeat (or it could be 8th). I knew how many stitches I should have on the needles and lo and behold, I didn't have it!! So, I thought that maybe there was a mistake in my calculations etc. I proceeded to knit as per the pattern and naturally, it didn't work. Ripped out that lines and then examined my work and wouldn't you have it... I found a mistake about 1.5 inches down my work.

If you look closely, you'll see that that chain is broken.

So, I spoke to Laura and she advised me on what to do. Unfortunately, every single line after that mistake is wrong and I had to rip. I did think of weaving in what they call a lifeline just before the mistake but I wasn't looking forward to it. So, rip I did... I pulled it off the needles.

After coming off the needles, the shawl was bigger than what I thought it would be.

After my work came off the needles, I noticed that the lace pattern isn't as "loose" as I had hoped it would be. I tried stretching and pulling it etc but it was just too tight. My needles were a little small (3.5mm). So, I decided to change the size of my needles and am now trying to get it right. When I say trying, I mean trying. For some strange reason, since I ripped up my work, I can't seem to get past row 17 of the pattern without making some awful error! I've casted on and ripped my work apart no less than 3 times yesterday... I can't get past row 17. In frustration, I pulled everything apart and decided to take a break from knitting.

Oh hindsight, even with my stitch markers and all that I think that my row counting wasn't exact. I saw Doreen writing down numbers in her little notebook during our last meeting. After she'd finish a line, she'd mark it off. I thought that I was safe using my counter thingy... I'm pretty good at turning the counter after each line. However, the counter that I used is a little loose and perhaps it moved without me knowing. So now, to be safe, I have this piece of paper which I am using to mark off each line I do. Hopefully the next time round, I'll get it right!

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  • hi there, I guess I'm also having some problem with kiri. There's nothing wrong with the pattern, no doubt. It just that knitting with KSH is just so different compare to other yarn. KSH is so fine, and at times I feel like my yarnover loop is either too small or way too big. It just not balance. Now I can't decide whether to go with 3mm or 4mm. Using 3mm with KSH, the pattern turns out too small, can't hardy see it, with 4mm is way to loose and messy. How? So, I have decided may be to go with a 3.5mm needle instead. Trust me, no matter how much I like this yarn, I'm getting a bit frustrating. I don't think you should worry too much about it being too tight. My FBS was like that too, after washing it with some softener, it became almost double in size. But if you prefer to have it looser, can always try 4mm needle. All the best girl.

    By Blogger Vanessa, at 1:49 pm  
  • Forget about row counters... it's lousy. It always move about. Better to write down. Ouch, didn't know you ripped it completely. All the best.

    By Blogger Laura.Y, at 3:25 pm  
  • i know it is of not help now that you have riped it. However, this is what i do with lace shawls

    1. use a needle size that is about 0.5mm (or more)larger than the recommended needle size. When I knit my FBS, I used 4mm needles on aout 3ply wool (which usually would use 3mm or 3.25mm needles)

    2. Block , block, block.. and when u think u r done, block some more. Dry stretching won't hold. If you wet block it, the lace opens up and the shawl is suddnely huge!

    oh, and one more thing, I put in a life-line ever counple of pattern rpeats. this means I can rip back if i find an error.

    all the best with ur next try..

    By Blogger celia, at 7:31 am  
  • Hi! Yesterday, I ripped my new project couple times. Kind painful to think all the hours spent on it. That happens quite often with me, sometimes and I try to tell myself that nobody will notice the mistakes anyway.
    But once I restart it I feel much better. Best wishes on your next try!

    By Blogger Mimi, at 3:59 pm  
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