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Kiri Shawl

Monday, April 11, 2005
A quick one here... taking a break from an oh-ever-so-hectic Monday...

I've been knitting like a mad woman possessed!! I don't know what it is but I can't seem to stop, not even when I am in physical pain. Yawp... you read that right. I am in pain... for some strange reason, my right bicep feels a little strained... my right elbow feels funny, like the muscles / tendons in there have been pinched and my little right finger feels numb. Also, both my hands feel cramped but does that stop me... NOOOO!! I must be mad.

I've decided to use my what-use-to-be-for my Kiri Shawl KidSilk Haze yarn to make a scarf. I'm doing it in double strands and the results have been quite surprising. Check it out...

Am quite pleased with the result actually.

Then, late Saturday night / early Sunday morning, I decided to try casting on for my Kiri Shawl. I'd purchased 4 balls of Katia Mississippi 3 Print in a beige / natural colour and believe you me, this one is heaps easier to work with than the KSH!!!

Katia Mississippi 3 Print :: Colour 204

Unfortunately, the photo above doesn't really show the colours but I think that it's lovely. So I did my cast on and began working on the pattern... didn't stop till about 2.30am on Sunday morning and believe it or not, I dreamt about the shawl that night / morning. I even woke up early to work on it!! How mad is that?

So, in less than 48 hours, my Kiri Shawl looks like this::

I've done 7 pattern repeats and the total number of stitches on my needles is 189. Somehow, I am beginning to think that the needles I am using (3.5mm, 60cm) isn't going to be long enough. I've used approximately 3/4 of my first ball. I think I bought too much yarn but better safe than sorry. I have to say that I don't really like working with circular needles because one can't really stretch it out to see what the garment really looks like. So far so good...

A close up

Need to work, need to work, need to work... must forget about knitting, MUST FORGET ABOUT KNITTING, MUST FORGET ABOUT KNITTING!!!
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  • Kiri looks good Jackie! and your KSH feather and fan is pretty . Funny how the colours are different on the 'puter. I thought the Dewberry is more pinkish rather than lavender.

    By Blogger mona, at 1:05 pm  
  • Great job on Kiri and your KSH is working out really beautifully :-)

    By Blogger knitties, at 2:29 pm  
  • Your KSH scarf looks gorgeous, I'd love to see the FO ;) KIRI looks pretty too, nice colour, don't give up!!

    By Blogger yuvee, at 11:11 pm  
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