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The KSH Nightmare

Sunday, April 10, 2005
My name is Jackie and I am a failure as a KidSilk Haze (KSH) knitter *sigh*. After much deliberation, I've decided to quit trying to knit in KSH. I think that I am not built to knit in this oh so fine yarn. Try and try as I might, I simply can NOT knit with it. Something almost always goes wrong and ripping it apart is a nightmare as it seems to have a mind of its own and doesn't want to be undone. This is one unforgiving yarn!

So, a few weeks ago, a few of us from the KL Knitting Meetup Group decided to start a knit-a-long. The pattern for this project was the Kiri Shawl. We got together and bought some KSH from eBay and were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the said yarn. Well, arrive it did and at the time of writing, one of the members of the knit-a-long has given up on the yarn. I've also given up and I feel GUILTY! I LOVE challenges and I thought that this would be a great one but I'm out of my league. It's time to admit defeat.

I tried casting on for the shawl no less than 4 times with the KSH. Every single cast on ended up in disaster. Why? Well, I'd be making mistakes and unraveling one's work is almost impossible in this yarn. On my 4th attempt, I got to the 11th line and found that the number of stitches I had on the needles didn't match the pattern.

First few lines of the Kiri Shawl in KSH

In frustration, I decided to give up.

Then, being the pig-headed person that I am, I decided to try an easier pattern using the KSH. So, I decided to try knitting the Ripple Shawl in the KSH. The pattern said that it was very easy so I thought, why not? So, I casted on the appropriate stitches and proceeded. It was fine going for a while but another lesson for the day... one should never ever try knitting when one is under the influence of medication *sigh*. I was going fine for a while... then, I wasn't feeling too well (down with the flu) so I decided to take a nap. After my nap, I proceeded with my project. Unbeknownst to me, I'd either missed out on a line or added another one and started doing the pattern on the wrong side of the work. I didn't notice this until I was about 4" into the project.

An attempt at the Ripple Shawl in KSH

So, another piece of work down the drain and even more yarn wasted.

Still, unwilling to totally give up on the KSH, I decided to try making a scarf out of it, but this time, using double strands... and this time, it WORKED!! For some strange reason, when you double up the yarn, it is a LOT easier to work with AND it doesn't stick together! Unraveling one's work is easy!!

So, I am now doing a scarf in the KSH, using a modified pattern from the Ripple Shawl and I am doubling the yarn. So far so good...

A close up

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  • Hey, now u r really making me nervous about KSH and Kiri..:) Your ripple shawl looks good though. Wish I had seen it last saturday. I'll try kiri tonight if i'm feeling alrite.

    By Blogger Laura.Y, at 10:16 am  
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