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And The End Is In Sight

Monday, June 27, 2005
YIPPEE!! The end is in sight. So, over the weekend, I decided to stitch on my completed squares and lo and behold, my blankie is now 13 X 13!!! I knew I had a fair number of completed squares but I didn't know exactly how many. 13 x 13!! It is now big enough to almost completely cover my queen size bed!

So, on a hunch, I brought it over to my parent's place and measured it on THEIR bed. My mum requested 15 X 15 squares and that is going to be too big hehehehe!! Oh lordi lordi lordi... just realised that my math is completely wrong. In my earlier post, I wrote that 15 X 15 = 300 squares! How wrong is that... and to think that I am a university educated person. Just whipped out the trusty calculator and 15 x 5 = 225!! Well, at least that is managable! Anyhows, the blankie is going to be 14 X 14. With the squares I still have left over, I need approximately 20+ squares only. That and my border.

A BIG BIG thank you to everyone who has offered to help me with my squares. If you haven't started so, please don't inconvenience yourself. I think that I can manage another 20 or so more squares and the border before my end of July deadline. I'll still hold my stitching party as well as I think that it'll be fun... and truth be told, it takes me AGES to stitch on the squares. I am dreading the thought of stitching on the border *sigh* but at least I am further along than what I thought I was...
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  • hey girl, that blankie is so lovely. Bet u must be sick of making squares by now. I finished a square for you, will see if I have time to do more.

    By Blogger Vanessa, at 12:42 pm  
  • oohh, this blanket is a labour of love! What a sweetie you are to make this for your parents.

    By Blogger opportunityknits, at 2:58 pm  
  • did someone say stitching party?
    I'll bring pizza!

    By Blogger mona, at 3:09 pm  
  • that's great! seaming party, here we come! i'll bring the wine :)

    By Blogger knitties, at 4:46 pm  
  • That's huge!! how could you manage it yourself?? go have a seaming party and enjoy yourself, wish I could join you guys ;)

    By Blogger yuvee, at 11:54 pm  
  • That is an amazingly beautiful blanket!! Keep going! If only I had half the dedication...

    By Anonymous joy, at 6:58 pm  
  • wow, that's beautiful!@

    By Blogger letti, at 9:21 am  
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