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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
After much procrastinating, I finally blocked my Ripple Shawl. I'd been putting it off as I was a little worried that I'd do something wrong and all my hard work would be wasted. However, as it is meant to be a present for my sister for winter (which officially begun early last month!), I bit the bullet and tried blocking for my very first time.

After reading the numerous books I had, I concluded that it isn't as harrowing a process as I previously thought it was. However, I don't have a spare bed, I don't have a blocking board etc. So, I rummaged through our old bed linens (well, the BF's bed linens) and constructed a blocking board of sorts, out on the balcony. I then proceeded to block the shawl. The shape of the original shawl doesn't need blocking but being the dufus that I am, I miscalculated (again) the amount of material required and the final product was just a tad too short. I had to stretch it out so that it can indeed be a shawl.

My makeshift blocking board out on the balcony.

Now, blocking isn't as easy as the gals or the books claim to be. Why? Well, firstly, the pins I had bought, well, they just didn't work. The heads were just too small and my shawl kept pulling away from it. Luckily, I had another stash of pins, with a bigger head. They worked better...

The pins I had.

I think I need another alternative to my "blocking board" as bed linens on a concrete floor doesn't work too well. The linens kept curling up and my precious stash of big headed pins kept bending as I was pushing too hard through the linen and ended up hitting the floor.

As I didn't have enough pins, I don't think I blocked it right. The edges might come out a little warped. Oh hindsight, I should have used more pins and pinned them closer together. The books didn't say anything about how far apart the pins should be *humph*.

The edges.

After painfully pinning and unpinning my work, I sprayed it with water. At the time of writing, it is almost dry. Hopefully it won't be THAT much of a disaster. At least, I got it to 60". That should be long enough for my sister, who is rather tiny.

On the blankie front, well, progress has been rather slow as work has been bogging me down. Since I last wrote, I now need another 10 squares and the border. Thankfully, Vanessa has done two, so I now need a grand total of 8 squares and the border. I saw the BF off to Sipadan today so in theory, I'll have peace and quiet to knit this weekend but NOOOOOOOOO, the forces that be are working against me *sigh*.

You see, last night after dinner, we were mucking around in the car on the way back home. He grabbed my fingers and to cut a long story short, he went one way and my fingers went the other way. I howled in pain and the poor lad felt so bad he almost pulled over, outside the apartment block. I actually started tearing a little, the pain was so bad. It hurt last night but the pain went away.

Unfortunately, that can't be said about today... my finger feels like it has been hit by a sledge hammer! I hope I haven't broken it or anything. That will seriously hinder my knitting plans this weekend!!! At least I can still move it. If the pain doesn't subside by the end of today, it's off to the doctors I go *sigh*. And I was so looking forward to planting my ample behind on the sofa, knitting whilst watching ER, Sex and the City etc... all courtesy off this most wonderful invention called peer-to-peer networking.

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  • ouch! that hurts. u better do see a doctor if it doesn't get better.
    Here's a suggestion for blocking, you could try your sofa with towels if it is made of cloth? Or a big cardboard box and cover it with towels. U can do it on ur bed too. Just cover the area with 2 thick towels just in case the color bleds. Hope it helps..:)

    By Blogger Laura.Y, at 2:35 pm  
  • Sorry to hear about your finger, you should go to a doctor. I have some problem with blocking too, so I really can't give any advice :) Good luck with your squares, I'm actually a bit inspired to knit my own squares too!

    By Blogger yuvee, at 3:34 pm  
  • i'm a newbie so have no idea how to block. anyway, just droppin by from aussie but i'm originally from KL ^_^

    By Anonymous Michelle, at 8:52 am  
  • I think your shawl looks awesome!

    By Blogger Clare Eats, at 8:41 pm  
  • hey girl, laura is right. If your finger doesn't get any better should go see a doctor.

    By Blogger Vanessa, at 10:04 am  
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