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Monday, July 18, 2005
A big thank you to everyone who wrote me regarding my finger. Well, suffice to say, I didn't break it. A good friend of mine dragged me off to the doc's after seeing it and the doc sent me to get an x-ray. I now have conclusive proof that it isn't broken. Turns out I strained the ligament and it became worse as I didn't treat it. FYI, for strained ligaments, it is best to keep it immobilised and to take anti inflammatory meds. This I have learnt.

Unfortunately, I had my fingers in a splint (which is a fancy word for a broken ice cream stick thingy, wrapped with a yucky, easy to unravel bandage) which limited my mobility in my right hand and made it virtually impossible to type, draw flowcharts, sign cheques and knit! GRRR!! I am so way behind on my blankie right now that it isn't funny. Anyone out there care to donate a square or two?

Right now, I need about 5 more squares and 2.95 more borders. I hope I can finish it on time for this weekend as I plan on having my seaming party then. If I don't finish it, there won't be much to seam!!

Thankfully my finger is heaps better. It still hurts but I was told that it would take time to heal and after me almost gauging my eye out with the ice cream stick thingy, I took the splint off. It is so easy to forget to not rub your eyes when one's fingers in encased in a splint. At least I can now knit... albeit slowly but I can knit! JOY JOY JOY!!!
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  • Jackie
    Would you mind a crocheted square?
    I'll bring some anyway on Sat so you can choose which ones you want to add in. Provided you can donate a square or two to me next time:)


    By Blogger mona, at 2:11 pm  
  • hey girl, I'll try finish a couple more tonite.

    By Blogger Vanessa, at 10:29 am  
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