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Seaming Party

Monday, July 25, 2005
A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to the gals who came over on Saturday night to help me seam my blankie.

So, on Saturday night, Mona, Lyn and Vanessa came over for a seaming party. I'd let out a LOUD SOS for my blankie as I am running out of time to finish it for my dad's birthday in August. So, in the true spirit of all knitters, they answered my call for help. I had promise nourishment in exchange for their seaming services.

As I can't cook to save my life, I managed to convince the BF to cook and cook he did. Well, it wasn't hard to convince him to cook as I think that he is as sick of the blankie as I am. I started it last September and almost a year later, it still isn't finished. As it is getting rather large, I have no place to store it so I've been keeping it in the living room whilst I work on it and being a neat freak, he absolutely HATES it there!

He fed us all really well, too well I think as progress after we were fed was rather slow as everyone was trying to digest the chicken lasagne, salad and sticky date pudding he made. I know that I am biased but I thought that he did a great job so a big THANK YOU to him as well *MUAH*.

Unfortunately, by the time dinner was served, we were all too hungry to even think of taking pictures of the food but here are some pictures from the night:

sprawled out on the living room floor... note: we realised that we are not as flexible as we used to be. Our backs started to give way before our spirit did!!

hard at work

group shot...

a close up of seams ... I LOVE how it looks like with the borders as it just "completes" it

Try as I could, I simply could NOT finish all the knitting on time i.e. before the gals arrived. Thank gawd for Vanessa as she managed two squares for me. Thanks to her squares, I had enough squares. As backup, Mona arrived with some of her crocheted squares. But then, I stuffed up the length of the border.

I had knitted 4 long, LONG rows of the borders i.e. 12 stitches wide and about 6 feet long of plain knitting. No purl mind you, just knit and it wasn't long enough! I had thought it was long enough and believe you me, after all that mindless and BORRRRING knitting, I was ready to chuck it all (it didn't help that my work project is due to be completed soon and I wasn't in the best of moods). I thought that I could simply stretch it out but thanks to the wisdom of
Mona, we didn't. The blanket would have curled if we did. I never thought about that. It pays to listen to more experienced knitters :o) .

So, after the seaming party, my blankie still isn't finished. The gals stayed till close to midnight and did HEAPS but there was just too much to do.
Vanessa is a WHIZ with the needle we can tell you... she was seaming along like Speedy Gonzales on speed. The woman can sew and she does it WELL!!

Once again, a BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped. At the time of writing, I still have 1.25 sides and a few more squares to sew on and then I will be DONE DONE DONE!! Lace... need to knit lace... need lace... need lace...
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  • Oh, I'm so glad you're nearly there! It was backbreaking work but so well worth it :)

    By Blogger knitties, at 4:54 pm  
  • I went home dreaming of Squares!


    By Blogger mona, at 6:39 pm  
  • That blankie sure is huge!! So glad to hear you almost finish it ;). I just knitted my first square because I was inspired by you to knit a blanket too, but now I think I'll better be off with a mat or something that's much smaller ;p.

    By Blogger yuvee, at 8:35 pm  
  • Looking good!

    I am so amazed. Your blanket looks great. I haven't even completed the first blanket I started (well over a year ago). My bf is also very sick of it, so I have put it away (out of sight out of mind!) for now.


    By Blogger celia, at 9:23 pm  
  • Hi there,

    Saw yr blog from Doreen's blog. Jus love to read knitter's blog. A newbie from Knitforum.

    Nice meeting you.

    Love yr works.

    By Blogger JL, at 11:40 am  
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